1. Are these apartments only available to students?
No, but the majority of our residents are students. Many of our residents are law students, as we are located directly across the street from the law school. We also have a large number of grad students, quite a few undergrads, and a few residents that work professionally in the downtown area. In short, we are an equal opportunity housing provider and are happy to rent to anyone who qualifies.

2. What is included in the rent?
We have many FREE amenities. The one bedroom apartments include water, sewage, pest control, wireless internet, and parking. The studios include electricity as well as water, sewage, pest control, wireless internet, and parking.

3. Do you give resident referrals?
Yes! You can save money on your rent by referring your friends. For each signed lease we receive from someone you referred, you will get $50 off your next month’s rent. You can get an unlimited number of resident referrals during your time at PhoenixSouth

4. What do you do to make the premises safe for your residents?
We have a night manager that patrols the property each evening. In case of emergency, we have 24 hour emergency maintenance. We are also conveniently located in the jurisdiction of both the campus police and the city police. The capital police and sheriff’s office also patrol this area. Additionally, we have recently installed security cameras and new lighting in the parking garage.

5. Do you allow pets?
YES! We allow pets in all of our properties next to FSU! All pets must be registered with the office. We do not have any weight restrictions, but due to our insurance, we are not able to allow any dog that appears to be a Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Doberman, German Shepherd, or Chow.

6. Do I have to pay my first and last month’s rent up front?
Unlike many apartment complexes, we do not require these added fees. We only require a $300 deposit to hold the apartment until your move in date, when you will pay a prorated first month’s rent.

7. Do you require administrative/paperwork fees?
We do not have excess fees at any of our properties. We simply require a one-time $45 application fee to cover the cost of the credit check.

8. What if I am out of town when my rent is due?
We conveniently accept credit card payments over the phone, so you never have to worry about paying your rent late. You can also pay your rent online through our online resident portal. Additionally, we have a drop box, where rent can be placed any time the office is closed. You are also welcome to pay rent ahead of time or even drop off postdated checks to our office.

9. Do you tow from your properties?
In order to insure our residents have a place to park when they get home, we do have 24-hour roam towing. The company we use is Professional Parking Services who can be contacted at 850-576-4600.

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